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20s & 30s at Apostles exists to provide young adults living in Atlanta the opportunity to find real, authentic community, where the Word of God is upheld as the highest standard. In this community, we seek to help you deepen your spiritual life and form relationships that will last, while growing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We welcome you to join us on Thursday nights for our weekly worship service (gather at 7pm; start at 7:30pm). 

Dave Hubbard


I was very fortunate to have parents who were deeply in love with Jesus Christ and with each other. I grew up in the Napa Valley on a small farm, where the church was pivotal to every aspect of our lives. God's call on my life to ministry came at a very young age. After a brief stint in the NFL, I entered full-time ministry as a pastor to youth, serving in California, Colorado, and Oregon.

God has uniquely shaped my life through a number of unexpected and difficult circumstances, demonstrating powerfully and personally His life-saving love, mercy, and grace. My life is a living statement to God's enormous ability to heal and renew. It is those amazing attributes of God's love that compel me to share not only the gospel of God but my life as well (1 Thess. 2:8).

My wife, Melinda, grew up in Newnan, Georgia. We have two adult children and three grandchildren.